Friday, Jan 18, 2019

Missing yacht found south of Barbados

Missing yacht found south of Barbados
27 Nov

The yacht of a missing polish sailor has been found south of Barbados.

His wife was reportedly found on board.

The 67-year-old woman last week informed her daughters in Poland by satellite phone that her husband had fallen into the Atlantic and that she didn't know how to turn around the boat and fetch him.

CBC News was informed that the Barbados Coast Guard on receiving information about the search and rescue deployed its Leonard C Banfield vessel.

The Coast Guard worked alongside the air wing of the Regional Security System and the Martinique Maritime Rescue Coordination Center to locate the polish vessel, Vagant.

It was found some 141 nautical miles Southeast of Barbados.

The search however continues for the 74-year-old skipper who fell overboard on Tuesday, leaving only his untrained wife on board.

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