Doctors want higher sweet drink tax

Doctors want higher sweet drink tax
19 Apr

A doctor at the forefront of the fight against non-communicable diseases, is supporting a proposal for the tax on sweet drinks to be increased.

This is according to head of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, Sir Trevor Hassell.

Late last year Health Minister John Boyce revealed plans for a review of the government's ten percent tax on sugary drinks beverages to about twenty percent.

He indicated the tax was not having the desired impact.

Sir Trevor says an increase would serve as a deterrent.

As it relates to a tax on fast food, Sir Trevor says the over-consumption of unhealthy fast food must be looked at carefully.

Sir Trevor was speaking during the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the coalition and the University of the West Indies Open Campus.

Principal Dr. Luz Longsworth says there is a direct link between health and education and they are pleased to be partnering with the coalition for the next three years.

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