Pro-life group launched

Pro-life group launched
06 Apr

If a new Christian charity has its way, abortions won't be happening in Barbados.

It's the newly launched Unborn Justice project.

Three years ago, three young people, all under the age of 25 came up with an idea to provide a special kind of service to pregnant women.

Kamille Martindale, Shavonne Grosvenor and Kyle Martindale ended up forming what has become Unborn Justice, the first pregnancy resource centre in Barbados.

Eight months after the initial meeting in 2014, the trio had its first client and registered as a charity.

And to do this, the registered pro-life charity, is offering several services, not only to pregnant women, but those who have had abortions and the public.

Among those services is free pregnancy testing and counselling services, as well as CXC classes.

But their flagship programme is Earn While You Learn.

Ms Martindale says Unborn Justice has already had six successful births, five boys and one girl.

She says their clients so far have been between the ages of 14 and 18, but they're open to helping anyone, regardless of age.

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