Set back for Barbados' green economy

Set back for Barbados' green economy
04 Apr

Government's plan to make Barbados a green economy could be impacted by one of the most recent decisions by US President Donald Trump.

President Trump, along with others in his administration, has dismissed climate change as a hoax created by scientists.

And in a recent executive order, he removed all of the regulations put in place by his predecessor Barack Obama to deal with climate change.

Environment Minister, Dr Denis Lowe acknowledges that the move is not good for Barbados.

He says funding to organisations like the United Nations that provided the money small island developing states need for their programmes will take a hit.

One of those programmes according to Dr Lowe is a USAID funded climate change project in the north of the island which has been going for several years.

Dr Lowe explains that through it, Barbados has been making progress in programmes aimed at managing its use of land and water in places like Speightstown and Holetown.

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