Saturday, Nov 17, 2018
16 Oct

The Home Affairs Minister wants Barbadians to assist a family that recently lost their home to fire.

Edmund Hinkson who is also the MP for St. James North was speaking specifically about a family of eight in Sion Hill whose home was destroyed last Friday morning.

A neighbouring house was damaged.

He says the authorities are working with the family who have been placed in accommodation, but the road to recovery will be long and wants fellow Barbadians to look out for each other.

On Sunday the Home Affairs Minister told prison officers they have a role to play in the island's national security, as it deals with an apparent increase in gun violence.

Mr. Hinkson says prison officers are a crucial link between current and former inmates and can help in reducing the risk of people re-offending.

Minister Hinkson was speaking during the Barbados Prison Service Church Service and parade at the Breath of Life Seventh Day Adventist Church.

He again called on society and families to give ex-inmates a second chance.

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