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Fisherfolk hoping to turn seaweed to profit

Fisherfolk hoping to turn seaweed to profit
27 Jun

Fisherfolk in Barbados have been reeling from the most recent influx of Sargassum seaweed.

But they're hoping that they too will eventually benefit from new developments in its use.

This from president of the Barbados National Organisation of Fisherfolk, Vernel Nicholls.

She was speaking at a forum held as part of activities to mark Fisherfolk Week.

The theme of the forum - "Sargassum Seaweed: from Problem to Profit".

Meantime, a researcher at the Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies or says scientists have not yet been able to predict how long the most recent Sargassum seaweed infestation will last or how severe it is likely to be.

Post-doctoral research fellow, Dr Shelly-Ann Cox, was one of the speakers at the fisheries forum on seaweed.

Dr Cox says they've started to experiment with various models in order to support some early predictions that have been made.

Dr Cox adds that they've managed to uncover more information about the seaweed.

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