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Shooting, fire and accident

Shooting, fire and accident
17 May

It was a busy evening for emergency personnel Tuesday as they responded to a shooting, a fire and an accident that left an elderly man with head injuries.

The shooting occurred in Eden Lodge, St Michael just after seven Tuesday night.

The two men, 43-year-old Shawn Payne of Nursery Lane, Eden Lodge and 38-year-old Claude Allsop of Whitehall, St. Michael were shot after seeking shelter from the rain under shed in the area.

Payne sustained gunshot injuries to his thigh and buttocks, and Allsop was shot in his left arm.

Police are asking anyone who can provide any information to assist with this investigation to contact the nearest police station.

Earlier, over at Enterprise Main Road, 73-year-old, Martin Crichlow of Lower Carters Gap, Christ Church was struck by a route taxi.

He had recently disembarked another ZR before he was struck sometime around 6:30.

The route taxi driven by 60-year-old Ertha Kennedy of Upper Carters Gap, Christ Church was travelling in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile at Ellis Road, Checker Hall, St Lucy, a two-bedroom wooden house owned and occupied by husband and wife, Dianna and Earl Boyce was destroyed by fire.

That blaze occurred around 5:30.

The wife was taken to hospital with minor burns to her face.

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