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Family Planning displaced after fire

Family Planning displaced after fire
20 Apr

A national emergency, is how acting executive director of the Barbados Family Planning Association Anderson Langdon, described Saturday's fire which has crippled his organisation's ability to provide services to the public.

The fire destroyed a significant portion of the space the BFPA occupied in the Ministry of Health building on Bay Street, and left the rest of it unusable.

Chief financial officer Sonya Alleyne says the BFPA had started to outgrow the building, but it's now forced to find a new one altogether.

Ms. Alleyne was speaking during a press conference to provide an update on the impact of the fire.

She says a decision has been made to keep all 24 staff members in the immediate future, although some will be re-allocated to outreach programmes and other areas.

Until a more permanent solution is found, director of clinical services Dr. Shanae Gill says the Ministry of Health has provided temporary housing for the Association.

But due to space constraints it can only offer services three days a week.

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