Thursday, Jan 17, 2019

Barack Obama in talks with Netflix for 'production' deal

Barack Obama in talks with Netflix for 'production' deal
09 Mar

Barack Obama might appear on-camera as the moderator of a new series on Netflix. Or he might stay off-camera as a producer of a show about uplifting American stories.
Or maybe he'll do both.

Talks are underway between Obama and Netflix, according to a source familiar with the discussions.

The source characterized it as a "production partnership" and said the deal has not been finalized yet.

If it happens, both the former president and his wife, Michelle, will be involved in a series of shows for Netflix.

It would be a triumph for the streaming service, providing the kind of exclusive programming that sells subscriptions. And it would give the Obamas a platform to reach a huge audience around the world.

Netflix says it has more than 117 million subscribers, 55 million of whom are in the United States.

A Netflix spokesman declined to comment on Thursday.

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