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May Day focusing on youth

May Day focusing on youth
26 Apr

Local businesses are being cautioned against neglecting their workers in the interest of making a profit.

This year's May Day theme is "The Future We Want".

Acknowledging the gains of trade unions in the fight for equality, the Labour Minister acknowledged that unions are still relevant today.

General Secretary of the Barbados Workers' Union, Toni Moore says this year's May Day celebrations will focus heavily on the community.

She says the role of trade unions is much bigger than fighting for salary increases and improved working conditions.

In fact the spotlight will be on violence and the youth during this year's Labour Day celebrations which are slated for next Tuesday, May first.

Assistant general secretary, Orlando 'Gabby' Scott says these areas need addressing as the youth are the future workforce.

It is for this reason, the Union will be partnering with the National Council of Parent Teachers Association and other groups.

The march will take a slightly different route which Mr Scott says is geared at touching more communities.

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