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UWI open campus success

UWI open campus success
25 Apr

Contributing governments stand to benefit significantly from the implementation of a distance education project by the University of the West Indies Open Campus.

Word of this came from principal Dr. Luz Longsworth, as the project which began in March 2013, draws to a close.

The Caribbean region is at the bottom of the list of countries when it comes to higher education enrolment.

But thanks to the introduction of the Open Campus' distance learning programme which features over 20 new degree programmes and more than a 130 new online courses, this is likely to change.

Dr. Longsworth was speaking during a showcase to highlight the successes of the project, including a large increase in student numbers.

To illustrate her point, she used St. Lucia as an example.

Open campus is the fastest growing site with approximately 800 online students.

The initiative, known as the strengthening distance education in the Caribbean project is valued at $31 million Canadian dollars.

Canada's High Commissioner, Her Excellency Marie Legault says gender equality is a main priority for her government.

It therefore supports new initiatives which allow women who would otherwise be unable to study, to do so.

The University of the West Indies has 44 physical open campus sites in 17 English speaking countries.

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