Childern outstripping their parents in adapting to technology

Childern outstripping their parents in adapting to technology
15 May

As development in Barbados continues, the country could soon see the introduction of sensory devices.

Deputy chief telecommunications officer Clifford Bostic says these devices can be implanted in people, animals and structures for a wide range of uses.

Although stating that he believes the sensors will be used as intended, he cautioned that there is always the possibility that they could be used to cause harm.

Addressing parents in the audience of the All Souls Anglican Church he encouraged them to pay close attention to their children's use of technology.

He explains children are mastering technology at a quicker pace than their parents.

While it is oftentimes misused, there are some who are putting it to good use.

World Telecommunications and Information Society Day will be recognised on May 17th

During his address Mr. Bostic stressed the importance of parents teaching their children to be responsible users of digital devices.

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