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BICO alternative energy paying off

BICO alternative energy paying off
19 Apr

A near two million dollar investment in alternative energy for ice cream manufacturer BICO has started to pay off.

And while the Harbour Road company is happy the investment is going as projected, they're much more excited about the long term gains that will be made.

A pilot project in photovoltaics started 10 years ago it now powers about nine percent of BICO's operations.

That first instalment of a nine kilowatt PV system was increased to a 180 kw hybrid system in 2014.

And last year, they added another 140 kw system to operate the harbour cold storage.

Combined, that cost about 1.9 million dollars, 700 thousand for the 2014 installation and another 1.2 million dollars last year.

Within the next eight years, the system will have started to pay for itself, leaving gains as pure profits.

The ice cream manufacturer also made the switch to electric vehicles. Three cars, driven by senior managers and one sales van are all solar powered.

They also save on maintenance costs.

All of this makes the 24 hour operation the second biggest investor in renewable energy for a business.

In terms of future investments, Ms Pooler says they’re limited by space and are looking into wall mounted solar panels going forward.