Did Serena Williams just reveal she is 20 weeks pregnant?

Did Serena Williams just reveal she is 20 weeks pregnant?
19 Apr

Serena Williams has shared a picture on Snapchat suggesting she's 20 weeks pregnant.

One of the greatest tennis players of all time, it could mean her days of racking up Grand Slam titles are over.

The 23-time major winner posted a selfie of a small baby bump with the caption "20 weeks".

The dates would mean she won the Australian Open in January 10 weeks after conceiving.

The news hasn't yet been confirmed by her team.

Serena hasn't played since then, pulling out of both Indian Wells and Miami, citing a knee injury.

The star is engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, 33.

Just days ago the tennis champion also shared a post of her friend Kelly Rowland's new book on Instagram - all about parenthood.

There is some confusion about her announcement from the official Twitter account of the women's tour, the WTA.

They tweeted congratulations to Serena before deleting the post.

So it appears to be good news for Serena, but it's also good news for the rest of the women's tour too.

Their chances of winning the sport's biggest titles have just significantly increased.

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