Sunday, Jun 24, 2018

NUPW still pushing for wage increase

NUPW still pushing for wage increase
20 Mar

The National Union of Public Workers intends to continue pressing for salary increases.

This is given government's decision to restore the ten percent on parliamentarians' salaries,.

That's the word from NUPW president, Akani McDowall, during a Church Service to mark the start of public workers' week.

He stressed the move is not because the union is seeking to cause trouble but because they are acting in the workers' best interest.

But a government minister is appealing to trade union leaders to put aside their partisan views and combative stance for the betterment of Barbados.

While acknowledging that trade union leaders in the past had their partisan views, Commerce Minister Donville Inniss questioned what he says is taking place recently.

Following repeated calls for an increase in pay for public servants from the NUPW, Mr Inniss described the demands as unreasonable at this time.

On another point Minister Inniss says the opposition Barbados Labour Party is well aware that the number of promises it is making cannot be fulfilled should it form the next government.

And he has challenged the BLP to come clean with the public.

Mr Inniss says government must continue its conversation with the country on the way forward.

Mr Inniss, the MP for St James South wants the ruling Democratic Labour Party to move with haste in putting in place its full slate of 30 candidates for the upcoming poll.